2019 Commercial Design Trends

2019 Commercial Design Trends

Activity-Based Working

Many companies are aiming to boost productivity, and activity-based working (ABW). Instead of sticking to conventional working practices. This approach places more emphasis on work environment. The AWB let the employees chose how they prefer to work to reach higher productivity. Employees are not assigned a desk or work station, instead they are assigned zones where they can perform the tasks individual and collaborative. A lot of workspaces have quiet zones with sound absorbing walls. The goal of the activity-based working is to make employees feel comfortable. These areas are called “comfort spaces”.

Biophilic Design

Trending in the commercial interior design industry. Biophilic design is bringing in natural elements to the workplace. It focuses on the need of humans to connect more with nature. Natural lighting and plants have proven there worth on many fronts. Even rooftop gardens and water features are elements that are becoming very common in the modern office workspace.

Biophilic design

Meeting Pods

Meeting pods are here to stay! The goal of these pods is to make commercial environments more collaborative.  You can find various designs and features that bring practicality and aesthetic qualities into these pods.  A pod can be integrated with power sockets, lockable wheels, and removable walls. Glass walls boasts of the capability to block out the sound while giving it an aesthetically pleasing look.

meeting pods