2019 Residential Design Trends

2019 Residential Design Trends

Artisanal Fixtures

Make lighting a decorative focal point for your room. Artisanal fixtures can shift any rooms focal point! These are some of our favorites for 2019!

Artisinal fixtures

Natural Elements

Move over tech decor! 2019 is embracing more natural elements. This year you will see materials such as agates, copper, concrete and granite used. Natural elements make your home feel fresh and organic.

natural elements

Color of the Year

Pantone’s Color of the Year is “Living Coral” which gives 2019 a vibrant start. You will see this color in home decor, clothing and tech gadgets.

2019 color of the year

Matte Finishes

Compared to high-shine finishes that have been trendy for a while, matte finishes makes furnishings a more relaxed and futuristic appeal. This trend gives any room a quiet sense of dignity and grace while remaining ultra-cool.

matte finishes