Landscaping Design Trends

landscaping design

Landscaping Design Trends

Outdoor Rooms

The outdoor room trend stays under 2019 with furniture that is functional and low maintenance. Create a dining area or just a long space on your smaller patio. Adding lighting and waterproof speaker systems can create a cozy atmosphere. 


Metals bring new dimensions to the landscape design. Metals this year will be incorporated in water features and decorative art or through outdoor accessories and furniture. This can make your backyard feel whimsical or have bold statement.


Pergolas are an iconic structure paired with luxury kitchen, seating are or fire feature. They are made of composite material or constructed wood. Pergolas are getting upgrades, such as roll-down windows, lighting, sound systems, and space heaters. 


In 2019 the garden is becoming the place to just be. People are wanting to create their garden as a sacred space to unwind, reflect, meditate and a spot to write in their journal, practice yoga or simply get away from it all. Create an interesting focal point with seating furniture and surround it with colorful plants and frame the space with arbor and climbing floral. Add attractive lightning for use for the space at night. 


Outdoor kitchens will be a more popular place to gather than at usual indoor kitchen. Bar seating, kitchen islands, and pizza ovens continues to be very popular additions to the backyard this year.